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Provincial Funds of eco touristic development of San Jose de Ocoa province (FONDEPROSJO)

 Who are we?

The Provincial Funds of Eco Touristic Tevelopment of San Jose de Ocoa province in Spanish (FONDEPROSJO), It is an entity that it is created April 5th in the year 2004, under the law 151-04, that declares San Jose de Ocoa province, (eco touristic province)… and it has been since then and it will be forward, the principal organism of promotion and eco touristic activities regulation of San Jose de Ocoa province, getting in that way to promote the existent eco touristic projects of development and stimulate the strengthenment of new projects in all the province.


Be a mechanism that normalize, regulate, collect, and manage the investment and custody of the funds and resources of San Jose de Ocoa’s Province, focusing so, to the communities, to a strengthenment and civil development, plural, democratic and participative, inclinated to eco touristic development of itself.


A.Work in coordination with tourism ministries. Natural resources, in the territorial orderment, law projects, regulations that permit the integral and ordered development of eco tourism at a national level.

B.Promote and create the most variated ways of cultural and artistic expressions in the very deep of the population.

C.Develop and promote activities that rise up the moral, educative, cultural, economic, civic, and social values, in all the city districts, especially in those that show higher needs, deteriorations, etc.



Lic. Carlos Castillo


Lic. Rafael Read Velázquez

Executive Director

Lic. Milciades Mejía

General Secretary

Ing. Juan Antonio Castillo


Lic. Aneudy Ortiz Sajiun


Ing. Vinicio Sánchez


Lic. Francis Mancebo


Lic. Félix Juan Mancebo



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